We are taxed far ...

Reducing taxes leaves more money for the person who earned it to spend in the economy as he chooses.
When we pay taxes the government reaches into our paycheck and confiscates what they think is their fair share. They then run it through a beurocracy where some of it is used to pay for that very beurocracy! Then whatever is left is spent by our government however they feel it should be spent. Ask yourself, do you know how to spend your money better than the government knows how to spend your money?
When we have extra money left in our pay checks we may buy a good or service which stimulates the economy or we may save it and invest it, when people invest that money they may decide to start a business and create more jobs and start the cycle all over again.
I believe that taxation over what is absolutely required to fund our government is just plain theft and I will fight for our right to keep what we have earned.
Our current state representative voted against HF- 194 which was a bill to reduce the individual tax rate and voted in 2016 against HF- 2460 which prohibits abortion clinics from receiving Medicaid. So she votes against lowering our taxes and against a law that would reduce our tax burden. This is the wrong direction for Iowa.