Veterans benefits

Our veterans agree to leave their family to serve those of us who stay behind. They do not know if they will ever come back or if they will come back the same physically and mentally. In return for their sacrifice we assure them they will get taken care of when they return.
The waits,cuts, and mishandling of these benefits is completely unacceptable. The allocation of money to take care of our veterans and active military is the priority of our fiscal spending.


Second amendment

The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
This very clear and simple statement has been under attack by the democrats ever since they wrote laws to disarm freed slaves in the late 1800's.
I will be a solid voice for the second amendment.
We hear a lot about "assault" rifles. There is no such thing. Any object used to hurt someone is an assault object. The facts are that more people are killed by hammers than by all kinds of rifles combined and that every time we allow more good Americans to carry concealed weapons the lower the crime rate goes. It's common sense.
I will work to eliminate "gun free zones". The vast majority of crimes are committed in these places because the criminals know that the good people who follow the law have been disarmed. Nobody believes that a gun free zone sign will cause a violent criminal to decide not inflict his crimes when he reads the sign.
With the Supreme Court up in the air and with them stepping far out of bounds unilaterally declaring what is or isn't the will of the people I will stand firm for our rights as Iowans to keep and bear arms.
If the federal government claims to not enforce drug laws in Colorado due to the tenth amendment on an issue not guaranteed by the constitution then they certainly better respect our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms here in Iowa.


Washington will n...

Article V of the constitution allows for two ways to amend the constitution. One way is 2/3 of the state legislatures can propose an amendment that still needs to be ratified by the same 3/4 of the states.
Our federal government has centralized massive amounts of power the constitution does not give it. The constitution gives the federal government 18 enumerated powers and then the 10th amendment was added to to specifically reinforce that any power not specifically given to the federal government is reserved to the states. Since the signing of our constitution we have seen the Supreme Court seize the power to determine what is constitutional and become the final say on what can and can't be law. We now live in a country where 9 people in black robes are able to disregard the vote of every other American. We see a federal government place Syrian refugees who they themselves say they can't seperate the refugees from the terrorists in our states and tell us we have no say. We have a federal government who with the help of the Supreme Court forces us to buy their approved healthcare or pay a fine. We have a federal government who tells us what our kids can eat in school and that our daughters can't have their own locker room or bathroom in school. These are not one of the 18 enumerated powers given to the federal government. We have laws with penalties passed by unelected and unaccountable regulatory agencies because congress doesn't want to put the time into passing laws so they defer to a regulator who we can not vote out. How do we change this? We elect state legislators who will support a convention of states to amend the constitution and put Washington in check. Washington will not fix themselves, we have to remind them that the states empower the federal government not the other way around. As a state representative I will be a loud and ardent supporter of a convention of states.


We are taxed far ...

Reducing taxes leaves more money for the person who earned it to spend in the economy as he chooses.
When we pay taxes the government reaches into our paycheck and confiscates what they think is their fair share. They then run it through a beurocracy where some of it is used to pay for that very beurocracy! Then whatever is left is spent by our government however they feel it should be spent. Ask yourself, do you know how to spend your money better than the government knows how to spend your money?
When we have extra money left in our pay checks we may buy a good or service which stimulates the economy or we may save it and invest it, when people invest that money they may decide to start a business and create more jobs and start the cycle all over again.
I believe that taxation over what is absolutely required to fund our government is just plain theft and I will fight for our right to keep what we have earned.
Our current state representative voted against HF- 194 which was a bill to reduce the individual tax rate and voted in 2016 against HF- 2460 which prohibits abortion clinics from receiving Medicaid. So she votes against lowering our taxes and against a law that would reduce our tax burden. This is the wrong direction for Iowa.


School choice

Parents have a right to decide where to send their children to school.
We as tax payers foot the bill to fund our school system. Why does the law prohibit us from deciding what school we want that money to be used to educate our children?
If we as parents decide that a particular school would do a better job of educating our children what gives the school system the right to force us to take our children to any other school?
School choice also incentivises every school to improve the quality of education they provide because they know you can choose to go somewhere better if they do not improve.